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May 27 - June 30

I will be in Granada, Spain for the next month studying abroad. If you wanna keep in contact with me, you can send email to quilavas@gmail.com, which I will make a point to check regularly. Just as well, if you want to keep up with my adventures, you can follow my travel blog granada over at DreamWidth.

See you on the flipside!
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since I spectacularly fail at doing things early or on time, and since I didn't do Christmas cards, feel free to request fic or graphics from me! HOLIDAY GIFTS TO BRING IN THE NEW YEAR or something.

For fics, I'll take any pairing and rating from any fandom I know. A heads up though, they'll probably be drabbles. Just leave me a prompt and I'll get back to you ASAP!

As for graphics, give me an image (or two or three or four) and I can make you icons or a banner. I'll do manga colorings and even profile layouts. If you want something graphic-y, no need to give me fandoms I'm familiar with. I may request a color reference if I don't know the series and if you give me manga images though.