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inquisitorial's Journal

organic steel body
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{ el honor es mi divisa }

This is the journal of a history and Spanish major that is also pursuing a minor in Education, with hopes of becoming a high school teacher once out of college. He has a wide variety of interests, with his main ones being Axis Powers Hetalia, Young Justice (both animated and comics), Assassin's Creed and Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan series. He occasionally has delusions that he is a writer, but hopefully those delusions may pass as he cries over the amount of writing he has to do for school. He hopes to study abroad in Granada, Spain for the summer and eagerly awaits the day he is in the land kissed by the sun. He goes by wolf online and is not sure why this profile is in third person.

He is on a horse.

This journal is friends only as of January 15, 2011
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